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Defining Dreams. Defying Expectations.



Lucidefy was derived from two words:

Lucid: /ˈlo͞osəd/  adjective

expressed clearly; easy to understand; bright or luminous

Defy:  /dəˈfī/      verb

To openly refuse to obey convention; to  challenge (someone) to do something  almost impossible.

Lucidefy Lettermark.png

The Passion

Reis Borgeson, the founder of Lucidefy,  is a creative and fearless leader in Business Operations and Development.  With over 24 years of experience,  her knowledge base spans a wide variety of industries. Over the last 6 years she has  wielded that knowledge, and partnered with other industry leaders and titans in order to create a strong and powerful consulting agency.  She has dedicated these partnerships, and her consulting firm, to bringing  big business knowledge, expertise and advantages to small businesses. 

Lucidefy Lockup.png

Lucidefy is a business consulting agency dedicated to providing you with a completely tailored consulting experience. 


Our Team is made up of industry and subject matter experts that are all ready to provide you with guidance, and strategies to promote the growth of your business.  


Luciefy delivers big business solutions to small businesses with expertise, innovation, imagination and drives you to get results.

Our Agency

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