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Join us for an unforgettable culinary journey designed for couples.

This class is offered once a twice a month.  Please see schedule for exact dates.


In  2 hours, you and your partner will explore a diverse themed menu, cook, and plate a delicious dish together.


Create memories, enjoy music, and kindle your connection at Flavorful Rendezvous. Reserve your spot now for an extraordinary date night.

Flavorful Rendezvous

A Perfect Date Night Experience

Cooking at Home

Flavorful Rendezvous

A Perfect Date Night Experience

Looking for a unique and unforgettable date night experience? Look no further than our Flavorful Rendezvous class, where couples come together to create, savor, and celebrate the art of cooking and dining.


The Perfect Date Night Format:

In  2 hours, you and your partner will embark on a culinary adventure that takes you around the world, one theme at a time. From the moment you step into our cozy kitchen, you'll be immersed in a world of flavors and creativity.


Diverse Menus, Endless Romance:

Each Flavorful Rendezvous class features a different themed menu that's sure to tantalize your taste buds and spark conversations. It's the perfect opportunity to bond while discovering new culinary horizons.


Wine & Dine in Style:

As you create and plate your delectable dishes together, you'll also enjoy a  wine pairing that complements your meal ($5 additional per person). Of course, you're welcome to bring your favorite bottle to make the evening even more special.


Intimate Class Size:

To ensure a personalized experience, we limit each Flavorful Rendezvous class to a maximum of 5 couples. This intimate setting allows for individualized attention and plenty of opportunity for couples to connect.


Your Culinary Society Kit:

For first-time participants, the adventure begins with a registration fee of $55 per couple. This fee includes a Culinary Society Kit that you'll bring with you to each class. Inside, you'll find a set of beginner chef knives with a convenient carrying case and a meat thermometer. All other ingredients, tools, and supplies will be provided. 


Music, Conversation, and More:

As you dine on your masterpieces, enjoy the ambiance of carefully selected music and the opportunity to connect with other couples. It's a night of creating memories, laughter, and shared experiences.


Join the Flavorful Rendezvous Experience:

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, a special occasion, or simply want to infuse some extra romance into your relationship, Flavorful Rendezvous is the perfect choice.


Reserve your spot today, and let the culinary magic begin.

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