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Meal Prep Club

Elevate your weekly meals!

Unleash your culinary creativity in our Meal Prep Club for beginners to intermediate cooks.


In each 2 to 2.5-hour session, you'll learn to prepare five lunch or dinner portions for the week ahead, all while exploring diverse global cuisines and menus that change weekly.


Our mission is to prove that meal prep can be exciting and efficient; we'll show you how to create a versatile base and craft multiple delightful meals with simple ingredient swaps.

Join the Meal Prep Club now and transform your weekly dining routine.

Packed Lunch

Meal Prep Club

Elevate your weekly meals!

Revolutionize your meal prep routine in our Meal Prep Club for beginners to intermediate cooks. These engaging sessions, lasting 2 to 2.5 hours, empower you to transform mundane meal prep into a culinary adventure. With a maximum of 10 participants per class, you'll learn, cook, and prep in a supportive group setting.


Discover Diverse Menus:

Each week, we explore global cuisines and changing menus that infuse excitement into your daily meals. Instead of repetitive dishes, we'll focus on creating one versatile base and demonstrate how simple ingredient swaps can turn it into a variety of delightful meals.


Efficient and Delicious Prep:

Efficiency meets flavor as we guide you in preparing five lunch or dinner portions for the week ahead. Our mission is to show that meal prep doesn't have to be dull; it can be a creative process that adds zest to your weekly dining.


All-Inclusive Experience:

We've got you covered with all the materials, ingredients, and kitchen utensils you need. For newcomers, a $55 registration fee unlocks the Culinary Society Kit, complete with beginner chef knives, a carrying case, and a cooking thermometer.


Tailored Pricing:

Our classes are priced at $105 and up, depending on the number of people you're preparing for. This cost includes ingredients, supplies, and even disposable meal prep storage containers.


Sip and Prep: Enhance your experience with our optional preselected wine pairing, available for just an additional $5 per person. Sip, savor, while you enjoy a glass of wine while preparing your culinary creations. You're also welcome to bring your favorite bottle. 

Join the Meal Prep Club Today:

Reinvent meal prep and enjoy delicious, diverse, and efficient dining every week.


Reserve your spot in the Meal Prep Club now, and transform your approach to weekly meal planning and cooking.

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