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Get ready for an extraordinary culinary adventure in our Meet the Chef class, tailored for novice to intermediate cooks.

In each 1.5 to 2-hour session, you'll learn the art of cooking from our local area's most esteemed restaurant owners while preparing and savoring their some of their favorite or signature dishes! 


Our monthly featured Chefs will allow us to showcase menus and diverse flavors from throughout Avalon and its surroundings while  providing a unique opportunity to connect with local culinary talent.


Join us in Meet the Chef and create lasting culinary memories with our local masters. Reserve your seat now!

Meet the Chef!

Culinary Magic with Local Masters

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Meet the Chef!

Culinary Magic with Local Masters

Embark on a remarkable culinary experience with our Meet the Chef class, perfect for beginners to intermediate cooks. In each 1.5 to 2-hour session, you'll delve into the secrets of local culinary masters, learning to prepare their cherished dishes while savoring their company. Our weekly changing menus showcase dishes from beloved Avalon-area restaurant owners, allowing you to get up close and personal with the chefs who define our region's culinary scene.


Discover Local Flavors:

Experience a diverse range of cuisines as local restaurant owners share their favorite dishes with you. Explore changing menus that celebrate the unique flavors of Avalon and its surroundings.


Intimate Classes:

With a maximum of 10 participants per class, you'll receive individualized attention in an intimate and collaborative environment.


All-Inclusive Experience:

We provide all the materials, ingredients, and kitchen utensils you need for an effortless culinary adventure. For newcomers, a $55 registration fee grants access to the "Culinary Society" Kit, including beginner chef knives, a carrying case, and a cooking thermometer.


Affordable and Accessible:

Our classes are not only enriching but also budget-friendly, with prices ranging from $45 to $55. These fees include all the essentials, making it accessible for everyone to dive into the world of cooking.


Sip and Savor:

Enhance your experience with our optional preselected wine pairing, available for just an additional $5 per person during the class. You're also welcome to bring your favorite bottle.


Meet the Local Chefs:

Learn from the best as local restaurant owners guide you through their beloved dishes, sharing their culinary expertise and passion.


Join the Meet the Chef Experience:

Get to know the chefs you love from Avalon and its surroundings by preparing and enjoying one of their favorite dishes alongside them.


Reserve your spot today and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates local flavors and culinary mastery.

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