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Project management

From the moment you begin your project begins, it is important to implement and effectively communicate a detailed and concise plan of action and schedule. Lucidefy offers expert Project Management and Coordination services throughout the United States and beyond. Our extensive experience and expertise in project management spans several industries.  Our dedicated and certified Project Managers and will ensure that your project stays on track from start to finish, meeting each deadline along the way.


As practices and industries continue to evolve, our team of professionals stay up to date with project management tools, resources, certifications and best practices.  They are well versed and able to acclimate into any preferred PM tool.  Each client’s project is approached with a Critical Path Method that is meticulously designed with their project in mind. Each project is managed end to end ensuring an  efficient timeline and organized support. 


  • Data/ Drawing Gathering

  • Scope of Work

  • Vendor/ Contractor/ Team  Coordination


  • Budget Planning

  • Scheduling/ Milestones set

  • Vendor/ Contractor/ Team  Coordination

  • Kick Off


  • Project Reporting 

  • Monitoring/ Managing Progress

  • Budget Tracking


  • Budget Reconciliation 

  • Project Close Out Reporting

  • Hand Off

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